Corporate Training

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Damog offers training solutions for corporate organization and these solutions may include courses that would help improve threat prevention/control capabilities of the organization and allow the corporation to be able to meet its business and security objectives.

This training may cover processes on

* Effective application of security technology
* Suspicion vs. Threat vs. Risk
* Suspicion Indicators
* Security Questioning
* Mitigation procedures for threat prevention
* Dealing with suspicious objects
* Mail room security operations
* Counter surveillance operations

This training programs help companies and organizations to go beyond their walls, fences and cameras and establish a proactive threat mitigation framework.nd then augment and adjust accordingly.

Our Products

Foot and Vehicular Patrol
Uniformed or Plain Clothes officers
Special events
Security Risk Analysis & Consulting
Guard Force
Emergency Response Services

A Trusted Partner

We have one of the highest security officer and client retention in the security industry. Guards assigned to your security plan are carefully screened and evaluated on the basis of their commitment to a career as a security officer. This results in a pool of officers who are noted for their stability and longevity. Guards are well groomed, properly equipped, fully trained.

About Us

The company has gained experience spanning over seventeen years from its inception in 1993 by dealing with only reputable and well organized companies and providing security surveillance for major companies, organizations, banks, and various industrial and residential concern.